Hello lovely people,

I’m Nina, Nina’s Pink Notes. Haha, no, my surname is Sad-low-sky. I want to emphasise though that I’m not sad, but happy, not low, but high. And yes, I am connected to the sky.

I am passionate about travelling, exploring the entire world with all my senses and I love progressing, not standing still. In 2016, I travelled through Latin America for 5 months and it was amazing; so intense and inspiring. Finally, my dream has come true. I’ve grown so much ever since and I made a huge step towards my true, beautiful me, my vision and my why in this world. Read my blog posts to relive my travels and my inner journey with me.

A stressful time in my private and work life followed by my travels brought me even closer to yoga & meditation. I love yoga. Yoga makes my heart sing, yoga makes me smile, yoga calms me down, yoga is my anchor. Whenever. Wherever.

Personal development is another matter close to my heart, as I experienced a positive shift in my life the moment I became aware of myself and reflected my life in more detail. Very often the beginnings of personal development lie in the end of something else, also in my case. Continue reading right till the end of this post to find out more.

Where the name Nina’s Pink Notes stems from: It is simply a beautiful pink notebook, where I capture my thoughts about life, in handwriting. It acts as my diary, my companion, whenever I feel like talking, soul cleaning, digesting. I’ve always had a diary in my life, since I love writing and bringing my (wild) thoughts to paper. I love sharing my pink notes with you, because I truly believe that sharing is caring. If my experiences can help only one person reading my blog, then it has been worth it!

My big vision is to shine my light into this beautiful world and to reach all you beautiful souls as deeply as I can.

Smile, love always, be you!

Yours, Nina

Thank you to designer Katrin Hackbarth for the creation of my beautiful logo which expresses everything I wanted it to express. Flow, growth and love.

If you want to know more about me and my background, then please continue reading:

I’ve lived my life the ‘usual’ way, I’d say. I went to school in a suburb in Munich, Germany and completed with a good A-levels degree. After that, I honestly didn’t know what to do (although my heart already showed me my passion), so I did what everyone did at that point, I studied business administration. I realised quickly that most of the subjects were not really of interest to me, so I focused on marketing, strategic management and consumer behaviour. There were the subjects I could sort of see myself working in at a later point in my life. During my studies, I did an internship with L’Oréal – my ambition was to be the next big marketing director – and it was going really well, ’cause they offered my a full time job as product manager once I’d have finished my studies. Hence in September 2007 I started my marketing career at one of the biggest and most popular companies worldwide.

After 3.5 years I decided I had enough stress and I wanted to get out of the distance relationship I’ve been having back then. So, I moved to the Frankfurt area to work for another FMCG company. After 6 months only, I realised that the job was not right for me either, because for the first time during adulthood I could not stop thinking about doing something completely different. When I was younger, I dreamt about being an actress, someone who’d perform on stage, or a moderator. But yes, my head got into that. I felt now was the time to quit that job and to finally go to an acting school. I applied at various schools across Germany, and out of 4 applications I got 4 yeses. I thought:

Wow, there must be something about me.

I decided for a school in Munich, not necessarily because I thought it was the best school, but because I chose the easy way. Living in Munich meant being close to family and friends and having more protection than moving into a new town again. Looking back at that decision, it was not the right one. Why? Because I took that decision with my head, not with my heart. My heart told me to go to Stage School in Hamburg, where I got accepted, too.

After 5 months, I decided to leave the acting school to move to London, where my boyfriend had moved to in the meantime. I really missed him and after many years of distance relationship, I was fed up with commuting, the organisation it required and I realised that I didn’t want to become a stage actress and that maybe I just needed that break out of my job to follow my heart, which was love at the time. I visited an acting school in Soho, London, too, which was amazing and I was super proud of myself that I managed to do all of this in English. Unfortunately, the point came where I didn’t earn enough money (I worked as a marketing freelancer at the time) and I was sick of sitting at home on my own. So, I started applying for full-time marketing jobs again and in June 2013 I got the job I wanted in a luxury hotel cosmetics company. I was happy in that job for approximately 2.5 years. I had lovely colleagues. I had made friends to hang out with. I danced a lot in Pineapple Dance Studios. But then we were sold to another company and things started shifting, responsibilities were changed and I got unsatisfied with the new structures and hierarchies.

At that point my boyfriend had already broken up with me after a great 10-year relationship. And I decided that I couldn’t do this job anymore, where my frustration level kept increasing. So I took the decision to quit my job. It has been a long dream of mine to travel through Latin America, so with the changes at work, I was sure:

Now is the time to travel and to fulfil my dream.

And I did. In June 2016 I left to Cuba for a 4 months journey, with my new boyfriend at the time. I was so excited. I couldn’t believe that I was finally doing this, for real. To make a long story short, the relationship ended somewhere between Peru and Bolivia. I decided pretty quickly though that I wouldn’t give up on my dream and still pursue travelling. And so I became a solo traveler, next stop Salares de Uyuni. I continued to Chile and Argentina and my last, most magical stop was Tulum in Mexico. In Santiago de Chile I decided to extend my travels for another 7 weeks (against all well-meant advice) to have more time in Santiago as well as Argentina and to be able to finish the trip with sea, sunshine and yoga – time for myself.

Best decision of my life, led by my heart.

In Mexico I had my breakthrough – I realised how important it is to live my life, to follow my dreams and especially to listen to my heart.

It is still an ongoing process, but I know I am on the right path and if I listen, all the beautiful things in life will follow.

Trust yourself and life.

If you’ve read until here, THANK YOU and MUCH LOVE for you.

Yours, Nina