Unconditional love

Unconditional loveĀ is complicated and simple at the same time.

Ask yourself where you loved yourself most. Create great memories for yourself around this unconditional love. When did you feel fully loved, without any expectations, without any conditions attached to it?

Remember situations where you fell, but where you stood up again and where you were fine afterwards. Where you reflected and came out even stronger and wiser. Where you experienced personal growth.

Really bring up all these memories now and use unconditional love to heal any wounds you might have, for example following a broken relationship, hurt feelings, unfulfilled expectations or a fight with friends and family.

Ask yourself now:

What do I want…?

  • …from the (upcoming) relationship?
  • …from the new job?
  • …from my best friend?
  • …from my parents?

How could I let this go completely, knowing that I am everything, that I am enough.

If you really feel unconditional love, then you will be prepared to let the person/situation go fully, without any attachments to it. And you’ll realise that once you let go, you’ll free even more love.

Yours, Nina